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Boyteks Tekstil San ve Tic. A.S.

BOYTEKS believes in innovation’s power with the motto, “Everything is for good mornings.” BOYTEKS, the leading subsidiary brand of ERCIYES ANADOLU HOLDING, is one of Turkiye’s most prominent manufacturing groups in the textile sector. It carries out all stages from yarn to yarn to fabric production in its fully integrated facilities operating with a state-of-art ERP system. BOYTEKS is famed for being one of the world’s largest mattress ticking manufacturers with fully integrated facilities and stands out as one of the leading brands of industrial textiles on a global scale. We produce good mornings in more than 100 countries. Every year, we touch more than 30 million human lives in more than 100 countries. We put humans and the planet at the heart of what we do. We like to make fabrics. We produce materials that have a unique & particular purpose. We design and produce woven and knitted mattress ticking for all sectors related to sleeping well. We believe in the power of innovation and create value by being aware of our global brand responsibility. We are passionate about what we do. Everything is for good mornings! The Technology Having No Space For Stress! As known well, stress complicates life. However, the level of personal stress varies from person to person. Unfortunately, under ever-speeding life conditions, managing stress gets more complicated daily. The stress we experience for various reasons in many different areas harms our bodies. It deteriorates our quality of life and reduces our daily activities & our productivity. This accumulation of stress increases over time, and we do not have much time to get rid of it. What is Graphene? Graphene is described as a new-age material and creates the base for great ground-breaking work in many sectors of our day. This material provides high efficiency in many fields, from water impermeability to resilience, from nature-friendly processes like purification to electronic devices produced with advanced technology. Graphene is also essential in the textile sector, called smart fabrics. Threads made with Graphene now add a magical power to BOYTEKS mattress fabrics. The revolution created by carbon in different fields is currently being experienced in products using Graphene. Why Vegan? Veganism, in its simplest definition, means denying animal use and consuming animal products. The materials derived from animals, such as leather, fur, bones, gelatin, wool (sheep wool, cashmere, angora), and silk, are not used in vegan textiles, and animal testing is not permitted. Millions of animals suffer and die every year because of various textile products. It doesn’t matter what type of material it is or where it comes from. If the trial contains one, it is bound to have cruelty. As long as we continue to use animals, we are causing animal death for food, clothing, cosmetics, and other excuses. Electromagnetic Barrier What is Biocare technology? Biocare fabrics have been developed after years of study using nano-technologic yarns with a unique weaving system. Biocare fabrics, which acquire electromagnetic screening in this way, help prevent the contact of electromagnetic waves with the body by 98,5% during sleep and thus function as a magnetic barrier. Almost one-third of human life is spent on sleeping conditions. The human body, more or less exposed to electromagnetic radiation during the day, can defend itself when awake but becomes vulnerable during sleep. BOYTEKS has introduced Biocare fabrics and brought a magnetic barrier technology against radiation for healthy and quality sleep! Biocare fabric with nets of unique metal yarn keeps electromagnetic waves, which spreads non-ionized radiation, away from the body by 98,5 % and provides maximum protection. The Biocare fabric was developed to ward off the electromagnetic waves we are increasingly in contact with. The prevalent use of electronic devices like mobile phones and electrical transformers means that we are more exposed to non-ionized electromagnetic waves than ever in history. The harmful effects of these daily items range from stress to sleep disorders and headaches, among various ailments. Biocare fabric is scientifically proven to ward off electromagnetic waves. DON’T FORGET; EVERYTHING IS FOR GOOD MORNINGS!

O.S.B. 8. Cd. No: 60 38070 Melikgazi / Kayseri - TURKIYE

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