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Outlast Technologies GmbH

Feeling just right. Outlast® Thermo-Technology stores and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort. When you get too warm, the Outlast® Thermo-Technology will absorb and store the excess heat to keep you cooler and help prevent perspiration. When you’re cold, the technology releases the stored heat back to you. That’s how your climate is constantly wonderful balanced and delays the onset of sweat. Outlast Technologies GmbH is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of proactive temperature and humidity regulation in the field of textiles and has established itself as a specialist with the broadest range of solutions. The globally active company is headquartered in Heidenheim/ Germany, but also has branches and local sales offices around the world. Originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space, Outlast has ever since continued to push the limits of this technology across hundreds of brands and thousands of products. The company has always been committed to the development of new fibres, fabrics and coatings, expanding the use of Outlast® Thermo-Technology across more than 300 brands and a multitude of products in bedding, apparel, footwear, and accessories. Apart from that Outlast is also actively exploring the benefits of its technology to home furnishings, military, and medical applications. In terms of bedding you can find Outlast® Thermo-Technology in mattress pads, protectors, pillows, comforters and sheets or sleeping bags, where it adds comfort for a better, healthier night’s sleep. The technology can be incorporated into raw materials, fibers, yarns, knits and woven fabrics. The proactive cycle of Outlast® Thermo-Technology works permanently and balances the micro climate between the body and the product material. Compared to other performance materials that manage moisture merely by wicking and pulling sweat away, Outlast® technology proactively manages the humidity by controlling the production of sweat before it begins. For more information about Outlast and the Outlast® Thermo-Technology that carries the Certified Space Technology™ seal, please visit www.outlast.com. Please direct inquiries to CustomerService@outlast.com

In den Seeweisen 26/1, 89520 Heidenheim, Germany

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