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Wellershaus Makina Aksamı İmalat Ve Sanayi Anonim Şirketi

In WELLERSHAUS Machinery Components Manufacturing and Industry Inc., consistent quality, fast delivery, and first-class customer service are what we stand for as the priority. We offer ideal solutions for sectoral professionals in the band saw production industry. WELLERSHAUS started production activities in Germany in 1954 and moved all its manufacturing facilities to Turkiye in 2017. We specialize in producing band saw blades and band sawmill blades used in various industries such as wood, metal, textile, plastic, sponge, food, and more. We manufacture band saws and sawmill blades in multiple sizes and dimensions suitable for all types of band saw machines. We aim to establish ourselves as a leading company exporting band saw blades worldwide and make a mark in history. WELLERSHAUS exports to over 50 countries, including all countries in Europe, the Russian Federation, the USA, Israel, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and more, located in different geographies. We take pride in having increased our capacity by two-fold in the past two years in our production facility, covering an area of 1.700 square meters. The highest possible quality and reliability are among the primary objectives of our Company. WELLERSHAUS is the sole manufacturer of cutting blades used to cut sponges and similar materials in Turkiye, producing high-quality blades that meet global standards. As one of the leading manufacturers of thin band saw blades, we create our products using high-quality Swedish-made UDDEHOLM steel and unique German SPEZIAL steel. With our modern & robust machinery, we manufacture customer-tailored unique products and fulfill special orders according to specific customer requirements. All our employees are experienced and specialized in producing band saws and blades. We utilize high-tech precision machinery throughout our production facility and employ superior fusion welding technology that delivers high-tech & best performance. What do we produce? Band Saw Blade The band saw blades are widely used in Turkiye and worldwide. Millions of businesses, especially in the wood industry, require band saw blades for metal cutting. The band saw blades also find applications in the food sector, such as meat and bone saws, fish cutting saws, and bread cutting saws. Within our Company, we manufacture band saw blades ranging from 3 mm to 150 mm in width. Band Sawmill Blade We produce band sawmill blades, an essential component for textile and sponge manufacturers, in Turkiye, catering to domestic and global markets. In our new production facility, we have begun manufacturing toothless band sawmill blades, as well as convex blades known as externally convex wavy tooth blades and concave blades known as internally convex pointed tooth blades. Meat and Bone Saw Blade WELLERSHAUS contributes to the Turkish economy by producing meat and bone saw blades, widely used in modern meat processing plants, butcher shops, restaurants, and hotels. These blades are made from German and Swedish steel. We aim to meet over 90% of Turkey's demand for meat, and bone saw blades in the coming period. We also manufacture fish-cutting saws designed explicitly for fish producers. Additionally, we will start producing bread-cutting blades for widespread use in the food industry in Turkiye shortly.

Muncurlu mücavir Mevki 11330 Sk No 11, 81100 Merkez/Düzce

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