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Eurospuma introduces new innovative products

Eurospuma is a Portuguese pioneer in the production of foam and non-woven materials. They specialise in creating customised comfort solutions for customers all around the world by utilising high-quality items. Eurospuma is a quality and innovation stamp in the business, with over 50 years of expertise.
The brand’s goal is to become a global leader in innovative comfort solutions by leveraging technical skills to assist clients in developing the most appropriate and unique comfort solutions for their businesses.

Here are the latest innovative offerings by Eurospuma:

Omnisoft: A hypersoft solution
Omnisoft is a revolutionary technology that combines extra softness with an excellent compression set. The foam’s silky touch combined with its excellent recovery after compression makes Omnisoft foams are ideal for linings, mattress toppers, seats, and backrests. Omnisoft, like the brand’s other technologies, has an open cell structure that allows for more air circulation, ensuring the foam’s hygiene.

Titanium: Higher durability and strength
Titanium-infused foam lasts longer than normal viscoelastic foam because the thin titanium particles coat the foam cell, making it more resistant to tear. Titanium technology is a great solution for complex and long-term usage products. Titanium is a foam technology that integrates titanium particles into the foam cell structure for strength and heat dissipation. It was developed for situations where the foam is not compressed, such as the middle layer of the mattress.

Eurospuma’s foams are odourless and are OEKO-TEX, Product class 1 certified. This means they do not contain any chemicals that pose a health risk.

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