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Here Are Some Fun Facts About Beds

1. The first beds were used around 3400 BC after Egyptian pharaohs
discovered the benefits of raising a pallet off the earth.

2. Tutankahmun slept in a bed that was made entirely of gold and ebony every night. While his subjects were made to sleep on palm branches, he slept in the ultimate in luxury.

3. You may have thought that the first waterbeds came about in the age of peace and love, but they were actually invented by the Romans. The Romans would lie down in a  bed of warm water and as they became drowsy, they were lifted onto a bed and rocked to sleep.

4. It was not until the 1980s that we began seeing the airbed. They were first introduced as a way to take the pressure off of the body. Today they are more used for guests.

5. The Japanese sleep on a bed called a tatami. This simple mat is spread out on the floor and in the morning, it is rolled up.

6. Early Egyptian beds looked more like couches than beds. They were used for sitting, lounging, and sleeping.

7. The world’s largest bed was made in the Netherlands in 2011. It was 86’ 11” long and 53’ 11” wide.

8. The world’s most expensive bed is the Baldacchino Supreme – $6.3 million, with over 200 lbs of 24k gold and fine Italian silk fabric.

9. The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

10. Clinophobia is the fear of beds and Clinomania is the excessive desire to stay in bed.

Source: Sit n Sleep , Encyclopaedia Of trivia

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