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Serta introduces the premium Arctic sleep system

Leading mattress brand Serta announces its latest category-disrupting innovation with the Arctic cooling sleep system. Built with 15x better cooling power*, the Serta Arctic mattress feels up to five degrees cooler than the leading cooling mattress, and a full line of accessories help provide all-night cooling comfort.

“Sleeping hot can happen to anyone,” said Laura Brewick, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Serta. “If you are sleeping hot, it could be because your mattress is actually trapping heat around your body. The Serta Arctic sleep system does the opposite — pulling heat away from the body for a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.”

Studies have shown that sleeping hot can noticeably impede the body’s ability to rest, causing a ripple effect across a person’s quality of life. Interrupted sleep can negatively impact a person’s health through irritability, increased stress, decreased creativity and more. The new Serta Arctic sleep system is designed to provide a lifeline to wellness for hot sleepers whose needs haven’t been met by existing cooling mattresses available on the market.

Built with advanced cooling technology exclusive to Serta, the state-of-the-art sleep system is backed by rigorous product testing. Unlike many competing products, the Serta Arctic mattress is not merely a mattress that supplies a “cool touch,” but rather one that provides all-night cooling relief.

The Arctic sleep system’s cutting-edge technology is powered by Reactex, part of Soft-Tex International, Inc. The system features three layers of cooling technology that works together to pull heat deep into the mattress and away from the body, helping sleepers stay cool. The result is a mattress with 15x better cooling power* than previous product lines that feels up to five degrees cooler than the leading cooling mattress.

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