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Cecile De Scally

Cecile de Scally is a South African trained midwife, who came to Dubai in 1997 to join the American
Hospital Dubai. While working there she recognized the need in Dubai’s community for more support in
pre and postnatal education. She offered home visits through the hospital initially and in 2008 she set
up pre and postnatal services outside of a medical facility to offer mothers non medical advise and
support that empowered them with their birth choices and their babies, initiating breastfeeding and
establishing routines.

Cecile has a broad background in General nursing, covering medical and trauma emergencies, as well as
primary health care, with Midwifery as her passion, which enables her to have a look at all aspects of the
mother and child: dyad, while advising simple and practical solutions for parents concerns.
Cecile does not believe in using CIO methods for her sleep solutions although she will always say that
crying will be a part of the solution, as it is the only way in which children can communicate. She has
developed a unique way of approaching sleep where the solution is orientated to teaching the parents
the needed skills to enable them to maintain the plan long term as well as being able to understand how
to adjust this when needed.

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